About Me

25 years of pondering.

Invest. Invest early. Invest wisely. Invest very widely.

I started this blog to share and to let it out. The pace of change has never been faster. We have seen how digital disruptions change the way we live. Uber, Netflix, Amazon are now integral to our routine, something quite unimaginable just a decade ago.

Digital disruptions have also enabled new business models – we have enterprise jumping into platform play, cloud native services and even accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. We are also forced to change due to COVID. 

In each wave of change, we have to overcome new challenges. Yet, such changes present the exact opportunities that allow us to come out better. And perhaps with more wealth.

I started investing when I was in college decades ago and looking back, I’d made plenty of mistakes. I am still learning.

“Limsimi” actually stands for “Drink what?” from where I come from. I’ll use this blog to share the knocks I have taken, and also the fruits I have tasted – all in a casual manner like a cafe chat. I’ll offer my perspectives of how I have navigated each wave. Hopefully, this can be beneficial to you too, especially for our younger readers who have many more waves to catch. And you too, can ride if out for the better. You just have to be thirsty enough.


"Hot Chocolate & London Fog" by Stephan Rosger is licensed under CC BY 2.0